About Horizon Embedded

At Horizon Embedded, we build custom embedded software and hardware solutions for startups, SMEs and large corporations irrespective of their industry.

We are Horizon Embedded

We work with product-based companies who need additional engineering services to supplement their own internal teams; universities and startups in search of quality product development services; and design service companies who want to gain additional engineering services and/or expertise in embedded software.

Our friendly and professional team is based just outside of Cambridge and prides itself on providing reliable end-to-end systems development. We have a varied and extensive skills set in the embedded space, including hardware design and production.

We take the time to understand the intricacies of every commercial and consumer sector we work with,  including the Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications, wireless, printing, defence and automotive industries.

Donal Morrissey MSc

With many years’ experience across a broad range of hardware and software development projects, Horizon Embedded’s CEO and founder Donal Morrissey combines a wealth of technical experience with his in-depth knowledge of agile processes.

Donal has grown a strong reputation in the embedded services industry for bringing passion and commitment to every project. He delivers practical and novel solutions across a vast range of competencies, including software and hardware design, agile processes and mobile application development.