Embedded Linux Systems

Accelerated embedded development for your devices

The Linux operating system is popular in devices both large and small, thanks to an increasing range of supported chip architectures and a growing open source community. Now, companies are realising the benefits of using embedded Linux systems to provide a powerful yet compact solution for their devices.

We design, develop, build and implement custom embedded Linux systems for embedded and IoT devices. Coupled with our expertise in electronics design, we can take your Linux project from its initial inception through to production and beyond.

Welcoming Yocto with open Arms

We create custom Linux platforms using the open-source Yocto platform, running on low-cost yet powerful Arm processors. This combination provides our customers with a robust and flexible solution when creating a custom Linux-based system.

Yocto is widely adopted across the embedded/IoT industry. Thanks to its open source nature, we can expedite the development process to provide you with a swift solution, that’s tailored to the exact requirements of your project.

Our embedded Linux systems expertise includes:

  • Standalone Linux embedded systems
  • The flexibility and reliability of Linux applications
  • The Yocto Project’s wide variety of features
  • Embedded and IoT devices
  • Monitoring devices
  • BSP selection and porting